4 Week Personalization Upgrade to Your Materials.

Personalizing your sales materials can create enormous lift. Over 4 weeks we will help you build out materials with your brand.

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Designed for amazing companies

In 4 weeks, we will dramatically improve your sales collateral.

1. Identify Pivots

We will figure out which discovery questions should impact collateral.

2. Restructure Slides

We will figure out how to redesign the deck with native personalization.

3. Set Conditions

Using easy inputs, your reps can auto-generate the right content.

"We worked with the Quickcard team to revise and upgrade our fundraising and sales materials. They got our vision immediately and helped us translate it into something concrete. Super quick and got us materials we’ll be able to continually use.”

Danny Grannick
CEO at Bristle

Improve your decks with more fetching rich media.

A standard slide deck can only stand out so much. Using GIF animations and videos, we can create better document offerings.

Add Gifs of Animated Demos

Slides that mode are much more interesting than their frozen counterparts.

Auto-Generate Mocks

For businesses with SaaS Frontends, we will help create auto-generated mocks.

At the end of the 4 weeks, retain it all in raw.

Our goal is to not only help you personalize your content, but also provide a framework for future improvements.

Export PDF’s

Regardless of the platform you use for delivery, export your materials into PDF’s for whatever need.

Raw Design Files

Get the raw vector design files that you can modify and iterate on in the long term. We will build on top of the Figma platform.

"We worked with Quickcard team for building our sales decks which turned out great. The best part about working with them is they first learn as much as they can about us as a business, and how we effectively sell, and then used those learnings to craft the perfect modular deck. Worth every penny.”

Anika Zaman
COO of Brevy

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