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Start-ups use Quickcard for tracking documents, standing out with ease, and building trust with early customers.

Made for companies of all sizes

Quickcard is a document sharing platform perfect for startups.

Branded Experience

Send materials in a UI that communicates polish. Learn more.

Adaptive Documents

Ensure your prospects understand your value prop clearly. Learn more.

Track Interactions

Discover if your sales materials are actually working or not. Learn more.

Startups struggle with building trust. Build it faster with Quickcard.

Help your customers visualize exactly how your product will work for them, especially when case studies and examples are limited.

Create Better Mocks

Demonstrate exactly how a prospect will use your product.

Communicate a Professional Buying Process

With a beautiful, branded sidebar, communicate legitimacy.

Showcase Beta Features Conditionally

Easily switch on and off beta features mentioned for any prospect.

Created in 18 seconds on Quickcard.

"Quickcard was immediately useful for us from the jump, and it was the perfect vehicle for sharing material with our first customers and early investors. First impressions matter, and a link to a well-curated Quickcard quickly became our go-to way to share the "what" and "why" of Locasaur. Their analytic and insights features scale with us, and we're looking forward to using them to optimize our sales strategies as we continue to grow.”

Simon Schwartz
CEO of Locasaur

Getting started on Quickcard takes 2 minutes.

Most of the time you need to choose between simplicity and power: which Quickcard you get both.

Start with just a PDF

Do you work with Google Slides, Powerpoint, or Canva right now? Just export to a PDF and you are ready to go.

Use Quicklinks for Two-Tap Links

You don’t need to use the advanced features out of the box. Fast link creation with analytics and designed frontend is enough.

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