Integrate perfect mocks of your product into your deck.

Ensure that your prospect has minimal disconnect on how your tool will provide value - create mocks with ease.

Working with awesome SaaS companies

Quickcard is a document sharing platform perfect for SaaS.

Branded Experience

Send materials in a UI that communicates polish. Learn more.

Adaptive Mocks

Share screenshots of your product perfectly tailored. Learn more.

Track Interactions

Discover if your sales materials are actually working or not. Learn more.

Create tailored mocks of your product directly in your deck.

Embed customer logos and variables so that it appears as if they have adopted your SaaS tool.

Build on Screenshots

Getting started is easy. Screenshot and build on top.

Embed Logos and Images

Add prospect logos and even profile pictures to best imitate the product in use.

Add as Many Variables as Needed

Enter in names, fake data, locations: whatever you need to effectively mock.

Auto-Mock from Email Alone

Auto-add logos and company name into your platform’s mocks just using your prospect’s email address. Doesn’t get faster than that.

Choose the right screens to show for the each prospect.

Most of your prospects won’t use every feature of your app. Only focus on the screens that matter.

Choose the Right Feature with a Switch

Building the right deck for the right prospect takes seconds inside Quickcard’s creation builder.

Swap Entire Screenshots or Just Partials

You choose the regions of a slide or graphic that have different permutations. Build the right set-up for you.

Rocket your SaaS Product forward on Quickcard today.

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