Grow your product, but don’t dilute your pitch.

Growth stage products use Quickcard to craft incredible buying stories for their prospects with their evolving product suite.

Quickcard is a document sharing platform perfect for growth.

Branded Experience

Send materials in a UI that communicates polish. Learn more.

Adaptive Documents

Focus on features that resonate with a prospect. Learn more.

Track Interactions

Improve your sales team’s motion via incredible analytics. Learn more.


Personalization Program: Add lift to your materials.

If you are a company new to tackling personalization, our Personalization Program is perfect for you. Learn more.

Diagnose Your Pivot Points

We will work with you over a few weeks to determine how your materials should pivot per sale.

Teamwide Training on How to Tailor

Ensure your team knows how to leverage customer discovery questions into your sales materials.

Iteratively improve your materials with breakdowns.

Did a customer stall on pricing? Do certain slides seem to work better? Is there a trend in what people do when opening collateral? Detect is all with Quickcard Analytics.

Flat Timeline

See a flat timeline of time spent on pages across documents.

See Top Slides Per Session

Every session, easily identify the top viewed slides.

Track Patterns

Over time, detect which slides are the most successful.

Create permutations of your sales assets easily.

Quickcard uses differential image processing to make it easy to create unique permutations of slides.

1. Upload an Alternative Slide

Whether it is alternative copy or a different graphic, it will work well with the Quickcard Alternative Version tool.

2. Confirm the Auto-Generated Bounding Box

Crop the alternative slide so the only active portion is the differentiating aspect from the base slide.

3. Set Conditions When to Recommend

Set conditions such as when “company” is “small” so you can auto-generate the right permutation in seconds.

"At Ocrolus, we leverage Quickcard to send unique links to our customers and gain invaluable insights in terms of what is working and what isn’t. We also get a top-down view of who on the team is leveraging the solution which is great at learning how we can improve.”

Michael Manne
CRO of Ocrolus

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