Level Up Your Document Insights with Quickcard.

Gone are the days of blind email attachments. Learn exactly how customers are engaging with your materials.

Learn what pages are attracting the most attention.

Did the customer stall on the pricing? Did they spend time on that one integration? Never be blind-sighted to a prospect’s buying  thought process again.

Flat Timeline

See a flat timeline of time spent on pages across documents.

See Top Slides Per Session

Every session, easily identify the top viewed slides.

Track Patterns

Over time, detect which slides are the most successful.

An event timeline to fully grasp prospect stories.

Visualize the order of events during each Quickcard session to best understand how people are digesting your content.

Exact Timestamps

Understand exactly how much time prospects are digesting each aspect of the linked resources.

Event by Event

Understand what events lead to what events - such as the pricing slide leading to inviting the budget holder.

Identify the Best Session

Using Heat Scores, quickly identify which session had the most events and who it may have belonged to

Easily triage through unopened links.

Don’t lose sales because your champion lost track of things. With the Outstanding outbox, identify and archive unopened links.

Easy to Use

The Outstanding page is a simplified page so that you can triage through unopened links without clutter.

Archive Links with Lost Hope

Don’t think a prospect is going to open that link? It happens - just archive it to clean up your Outstanding outbox.

Track enablement across the entire team in one place.

Understand your team’s successes, identify unengaged users, and improve content that is under-utilized.

Discover What’s Working

Identify the most commonly utilized documents and how your team is succeeding on the platform.

Identify Abandoned Content

Find materials that have been uploaded to your account but are under-utilized or out-of-date.

Find Missing or Low Engaged Users

Quickly identify which users have never logged in or haven’t been active in recent history.

Kick your sales learnings up a notch with Quickcard.

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