Leave a professional touch with your sales documents.

Tailor your document experience to your brand to best push your prospects to sales.

Customize your sidebar in less than 2 minutes.

By just adding your brand color scheme and your profile picture, create a beautiful branded sidebar.

Choose Your Colors

Tailor both the background and text color of the viewing UI to match your brand perfectly.


Upload a high-resolution version of your logo to display at the top, which is one of the first things a viewer identifies.


Choose between different types of icons to draw curiosity to the different attachments in a single link.

"Quickcard gave us so much power on branding our experience - now our prospects see Brevy content in a Brevy-branded viewer. Plus we were able to decide whether we wanted to enable downloads, sharing, questions.... there are just so many options so that we could craft the perfect set-up for us.”

Mohamed Abedelmalik
CEO of Brevy

The small things matter, Quickcard has you covered.

Even tiny things like iMessage or Facebook Previews are customizable to give the best possible impression.

Kick your sales touch up a notch with Quickcard.

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