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ValueSelling Software

Quickcard makes the ValueSelling framework work for your sales organization by enforcing best practices via dynamic messaging for B2B companies.

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Guided sales training, included.

Manage the conversation with prospects and customers, respond to PAIN points, and focus on adding unique value to the customer with Quickcard. Our platform enforces the right questions are explored in the sales process and then generates the right counter-pitch for the prospect.

Section Graphic. Prospect data is being fed into a quickcard box that outputs custom sales material
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Improve your process with our help.

Quickcard is not just a software product. Our concierge team works with you every step of the way to improve your value-based sales methods.

Automate your outreach.

Quickcard takes attributes about a customer and creates content that helps a sales rep challenge a business on how they could do better with the reps’ product.

Section Graphic. Customized Sales materials

Data that actually matters.

Ensure that your value sales approach is actually working.

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Refine your sales playbook.

Quickcard will evaluate, improve, and review value selling models via our platform and collaborative process.

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