Quickcard vs. Turtl: Who Does it Better?

Turtl offers content creation tools strictly designed for marketing, not sales reps. Unfortunately, that means a lot of hard work by marketing gone to waste.

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Meet balance: Personalization made for sales, templating made for marketing.

On Turtl, marketing needs to create every permutation of a file, leading to messy folders. Plus, personalization happens at the prospect level. With Quickcard, create templates, not final copies, that sales can extend within bounds.

Quickcard captures more.

While Turtl only helps create documents, Quickcard is a hub for creating personalized landing pages, sales decks, one pagers, case studies, and even packaging links with videos - encompassing more of the funnel.

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Unlike Turtl, we aren’t just a SaaS company. We serve our customers.

Quickcard’s model is to work hand in hand with customers to strategize on amazing content, creating long term relationships.

Campaign like never before.

Quickcard has tooling to help you segment and capture customers in intricate ways that fit your businesses’s needs. Turtl could never.

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Data migration is your friend.

Unlike Turtl, Quickcard is backwards and forwards compatible with ubiquotous file formats like PDF’s. Don’t have to reinvent the wheel and be stuck in their product.

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