Quickcard vs. Seismic: Who Does it Better?

Seismic helps you organize a mess of content. Quickcard removes that mess altogether. Unlike Seismic, we asked ourselves, can content just be better structured?

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Meet balance: Final versions made by sales, templating made for marketing.

On Seismic, marketing needs to create copious versions of content and then train the sales team how to use it. On Quickcard, marketing sets up rules on master templates of content, and sales simply adds inputs to create bespoke outputs.

Quickcard captures more.

While Seismic only helps you organize collateral like sales decks or one-pagers, Quickcard does all that while extending marketing efforts to your website, creating content funnels on a whole new scale.

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We aren’t just a SaaS company. We serve our customers.

Unlike Seismic, Quickcard’s model is to work hand in hand with customers to strategize on amazing content, creating long term success.

Campaign like never before.

Quickcard has tooling to help you segment and capture customers in intricate ways that fit your business. This is a mess on Seismic.

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Seismic is cluttered and made for administrators only. We are loved.

Quickcard makes it easy to visualize how your team is using the platform, enabling you to make tweaks to improve their day to day workflows.

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