Quickcard vs. Mutiny: Who Does it Better?

Quickcard and Mutiny share a lot of things in common, but plainly put, Quickcard is focused on solving bigger, funnel-extensive problems for marketing.

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Quickcard captures the entire process.

While Highspot only helps you organize collateral like sales decks or one-pagers, Quickcard does all that while extending marketing efforts to your website, creating content funnels on a whole new scale.

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We aren’t just a SaaS company. We serve our customers.

Unlike Mutiny, Quickcard’s model is to strategize big picture how to create lift, including but not limited to your website.

A simple set-up.

On your own website, make edits using Quickcard and copy the personalized link in one place. It’s so simple to manage that access can be granted to even the sales team.

Better super powers designed for outbound sequences.

Quickcard allows you to attach a personalized URL and attachment, while Mutiny can only do the former. Provide a higher degree of touch.

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