Document sharing has been around as long as written language. While today’s instantaneous sharing of files is a lot quicker than mail, carrier pigeons, or passing of clay tablets, the principle importance of sharing information has remained.

Today's speed of business requires teams to be even more prepared to quickly disseminate important documents. New solutions offer great benefits for B2B companies to communicate the value of their products with their prospects, and taking advantage of these solutions can push your business to new heights. Read on to learn about the importance of dynamic document sharing,

How Does Adaptive Document Sharing Work?

For any successful sales team, adaptive sales collateral is a must have. The ability to quickly share compelling documents can separate you from your competition. Document sharing works by granting access to your work to any number of viewers, whether they be teammates, bosses, or most importantly, prospects.

While the important information you are looking to share with your various targets is often similar, a custom document can go a long way in improving trust and providing a personalized feeling to prospects. By highlighting features that are most relevant, including follow ups to questions asked in recent calls, and even adding prospective company’s color schemes and logos to your documents can adapt to each unique situation and show your recipient that you really care about their business.

How File Sharing Helps Sales Teams

File sharing helps sales teams with communicating key information about their product to prospects. Often, sales calls are crucial mediums for communicating product features. Follow up documents can remind your prospects about these key features, and include more detailed information that isn’t appropriate for a call. Similarly, documents allow you to include further persuasive information to convince prospects your product is right for them.

Document sharing with your prospects allows you to control the internal message. Often, your contact isn’t the only person who has a say in whether to close a sale. Instead, information travels up the ladder from your contact to their supervisors, and so on. Dynamic document sharing helps you control the message, and pitch your own product, rather than leave your pitch to someone who isn’t trained to sell it.

Whenever possible, custom documents can only improve your chances of winning over prospects. Great document sharing platforms allow you to quickly create custom documents that reflect the care and nurture you provide every customer with. People pay closer attention to information that is relevant to them. While average document sharing platforms can send documents to prospects, great services offer the ability to personalize documents for each prospect. A study by Content Marketing Institute found that “62% of customers want marketing content that speaks to pain points.” Clearly, custom file sharing is a feature that is desired, and giving prospects a customized pitch will help you close more sales than ever before.

File sharing amongst teams is also incredibly important. Your team works best when they are working... well… as a team. Sales reps can learn insights from each other and grow your company when they engage clients in new ways. Document sharing can help teams by allowing them to communicate and collaborate quickly on important pieces of collateral. By combining the brain power of your whole team, file sharing can produce some of your best content yet. In fact, some studies have found that “online collaboration tools and digital workplaces facilitate increased productivity by up to 30%” (Remotely).

Commonly Shared Sales Collateral

While each B2B business is different, there are many similarities between the documents that each unique business shares with its prospect base. Obviously, sales teams will share documents like sales decks frequently with prospects. However, many other content types are also effective means of persuading prospects who are on the fence to give your solution a try. Some common types of documents are white papers, case studies, and one pagers.

White Papers

White Papers are sales documents which help prospects explore different features of your solution. White papers are often factual documents that have a goal to persuade. By providing custom, target, white papers, your company can be even more persuasive.

Case Studies

Case studies are great ways to convince prospects of the value your product provides by showing them examples of the value you have brought other customers like them. With case studies, it is crucial that you share stories that are personal and relevant to your prospect. By sharing case studies about similar companies, you can allow your prospects to understand the benefits they can achieve with your product in a more real way.

One Pagers

A One Pager is pretty much what it sounds like: one page containing important information about your company and the features your solution provides. The appeal of a one pager is that it is a quick overview that prospects can commit to looking into. The hope is that your one pager will catch their eye and make them want to follow up and learn more.

Is it Secure?

Security of your documents is the most important concern for many businesses, and rightly so. Writing and preparing custom, relevant documents is no easy feat. It is often a time intensive process that your sales reps work hard on. If your documents are compromised, your hard work can be put at risk. Not only will your clients be furious with any risk to their files,  if the competition knows your selling angle, you can lose your edge.

Many document sharing platforms follow strict protocols for compliance and go through rigorous processes to maintain compliance. These standards ensure that your files are protected and your information is kept safe. When looking for a document sharing solution, make sure to pay attention to the company’s protocols around security.

With today’s improved document sharing solutions, simply sending your documents to the intended target isn’t enough. The ability to understand what is working about your documents, and adapt your strategy based on real data is invaluable. When looking for a document sharing solution, be sure to consider whether the platform includes actionable insights.

Great document sharing solutions allow you to track what content is convincing prospects to jump over the final hurdle and commit to a sale. Some companies allow you to view important analytics like page views, scrolls, video start and stop times, who gets sent the document, and so much more. Keep an eye out for companies who incorporate these advanced features into their solution.

Superpowered Marketing Collateral By

Document sharing with Quickcard is way more than just a file sharing platform. Quickcard is a sales enablement company which helps B2B companies take their sales to the next level. Most importantly, Quickcard allows companies to make custom documents with hyper-specific targeting in a flash. Personalization of documents has been proven to increase sales, but it is often time consuming. Quickcard accelerates the process, and lets you quickly select information about your prospect and automatically adapts your sales collateral with infinite iterations.

Quickcard also features all the analytics you could ever want; other companies who offer document sharing don’t have anything close. Quickcard’s analytics are actionable and show you what is working, and what might need a change. Quickcard works closely with all the programs you already use, including Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, and Figma. By integrating with these great platforms, Quickcard has never been easier to adopt. Quickcard is secured by Safebase

While Quickcard’s document sharing features are ahead of the game, Quickcard is far more than just another document sharing platform. Explore here to learn how Quickcard and their team can enhance your sales collateral, make creating custom documents faster, more personalized, and easier than ever before, control the internal pitch, and provide insights which can improve your sales.


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