Sales enablement is the process of supporting sales teams to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools, and processes they need to be successful. Sales enablement is a broad concept that includes sales training, sales coaching, sales enablement software, sales enablement content, and sales enablement leadership. Simply put, sales enablement means providing your sales team and sales reps with the tools necessary to identify, engage with, and secure your target customers. For such a simple idea, sales enablement could not be more important, and could not be a higher priority for you and your business.

You’re not alone if you have identified sales enablement as an area of focus for your team. According to Veelo, 60% of companies have shifted their focus to valuing sales enablement products. Read on to learn why sales enablement is so effective, and why it is necessary for you and your team.

Establishing an Enablement Program to Improve Productivity

According to Business2Community, “Businesses with a dedicated sales enablement function achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals — almost 7% higher than their competitors without a sales enablement process (42.5%).” An increased win rate is the easiest way to improve your company’s productivity. More successful sales means less wasted time on prospects who don’t pan out.

However, this straight forward increase isn’t the only way sales enablement increases productivity. While sales enablement is a broad topic, features of many sales enablement products can illustrate how these solutions can improve productivity for B2B companies in particular.

One way sales enablement can improve productivity is by providing information on how to improve. Some sales enablement platforms provide tracking and insights which help you determine what works, and allow you to adapt your strategy on the fly. Rather than wasting time with approaches that don’t produce reliable results, sales enablement tracking can monitor which strategies are actually producing.

How Sales Managers Benefit

Sales managers play a crucial role in every sales interaction. While individual reps may have a more hands on approach with each unique prospect, sales managers set the tone and strategy for the whole team.

Sales enablement can help sales managers keep tabs on their team, and can also help them implement a strategy, and ensure reps are executing that strategy. Often, individual sales reps may be convinced that their way of selling is the best way. However, as a manager, you understand that on a macro level, consistency in the selling approach across the whole team is crucial. Some sales enablement tools allow you to reinforce your chosen sales methodology by reminding reps to ask the discovery questions which the methodology requires.

How Sales Teams Benefit

The core purpose of sales enablement is to ensure that sales teams are always well-informed and prepared to be successful. Sales enablement can be an extension of an existing human resources department or it can be an independent function. Either way, sales teams see immense benefits from implementing a sales enablement strategy.

Perhaps most importantly, sales enablement saves your reps time to actually focus on selling. Sales enablement tools help make the sales process more succinct and more efficient by aligning sales and marketing efforts, managing sales content, and providing expert sales coaching. For example, sales enablement tools which generate unique links and relevant content with just a few inputs allows each member of the team the opportunity to build relationships with prospects and clients.

Sales Enablement Tools

Businesses use the tools of sales enablement to help encourage customer retention. These tools can be found in online tools like CRM (customer relationship management) systems, in email campaigns, in social media campaigns, and in newsletters. Sales enablement tools can help your team make progress in several different areas and can also help you reach your company's sales goals.

While there are many sales enablement tools on the market, it is crucial you find a solution which assists you across your sales journey. A tool which helps you input information you learn from discovery and adapts content based on that information is invaluable. And, working with a company who helps you along the way will ensure smooth transitions to whatever technology you choose.

How Automation Helps Create Better Collateral

Sales enablement solutions which highlight automation as a key feature allow sales teams to quickly create and share sales collateral, resulting in more efficient interactions, and hopefully, more closed sales. Currently, Business2Community reports that “65% of sales reps can’t locate meaningful content to share with their prospects. Making this complaint the most common one among American sales teams.” Automation can help you adapt to prospects’ circumstances on the fly, and as a result, provide more relevant and more convincing materials.

Importantly, automation makes everything quicker. Time, of course, is limited, and the more time you have to spend on addressing prospects’ needs, or even finding new leads, the better. But, automation adds speed without sacrificing quality. In fact, it can also make your collateral more focused and specific. Great sales enablement tools allow you to highlight the most relevant features of your product and allow you to target prospects by any number of variables. Increasingly specific collateral will make prospects feel valued and convince them your solution is necessary.

Quickcard: An Adaptive Enablement Solution

While all the features of sales enablement I listed above are crucial, many of the above features aren’t actually standard for all sales enablement services. However, they are standard with Quickcard. Quickcard is a sales enablement tool that will transform your marketing and sales efforts.

Quickcard features branded messaging for web pages and documents, engagement tracking that invokes action, sales methodology coaching, concierge help along the way, and so much more. While Quickcard is clearly a sales enablement tool, it is unlike any other sales enablement tool. Sales enablement is clearly an important addition to any business. Quickcard can help you and your business take the next step forward.