In 2021, TV and movies have never been a bigger part of our lives. I feel like every month there's a new streaming service coming out claiming to have the most content and the greatest new show or movie.

While we may not be able to afford all the streaming services, television can provide us with some solid (and hilarious) sales advice if you know where to look. One show that constantly wins over hearts and minds is NBC’s The Office. Read on to find out some of the best sales tips from one of my all time favorite shows.

Robert California

Credit: NBC
“He wants respect; he wants love; he wants to be younger; he wants to be attractive. There is no such thing as a product; don’t ever think there is” - Robert California

Robert California is known as the creepy, loquacious, confusing, yet sometimes wise, CEO of Sabre, the printer company who purchased Dunder Mifflin in Season 8 of The Office. At its face, The Office, a show about a paper company which prominently features the escapades of its sales people, might seem like a place to find sales advice. However, anyone who has seen the show and the antics of its characters might fail to believe anything can be learned from NBC’s hilarious sitcom. Nevertheless, there is a lot to absorb.

While Robert is interviewing for the position, Toby asks how his experience selling different products would translate to the paper industry. Robert answers by saying all sales are the same. Ultimately, Robert believes that the most important thing is the customer. No matter the product, people want to be heard. While his quote is funny, Robert California makes a great point about sales.

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Dwight Schrute

Credit: NBC
“Use a personal touch. Treat every customer like they are the only client you have, but never let them think for one second you wouldn’t trade them in if a younger, cooler client came along. Keep control.” - Dwight Schrute

While Dwight Schrute may not be the most conventional sales person, his record speaks for itself. As the Scranton branch’s best salesman, it would be wise for us to listen to his sales advice, even if we have to disregard his odd love of beets, antique weapons, and his cousin Mose.

Dwight is correct when he notes the importance of treating every customer with supreme importance and customization. Your company likely sells to many different industries, and each company brings its own set of challenges. It simply doesn’t make sense to send the same materials to each company, but it's difficult to make a new deck for each company.

Show Customers You Care with Personalized Features

Quickcard lets you create a custom feeling with the same base document. Add in as many variables as you want, and your deck can be customized by name, company, location, features, and more, in seconds. Regardless of the product you’re selling, your customer will feel appreciated.

Michael Scott

Credit: NBC

Michael Scott, the annoying and loveable regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch may seem like he doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time. He probably doesn't. However, Michael rose to the regional manager position because of his knack for sales. He won sales awards two years in a row. Michael’s sales wisdom comes from his knowledge of people, more than his knowledge of business.

“Business is always personal; it’s the most personal thing in the world” (5.13) - Michael Scott

In this quote, Michael Scott sums up his belief that sales is incredibly personal. Each customer really is unique, and every situation calls for a slightly different approach. Quickcard allows you to personalize every aspect of your sales collateral. Right off the bat, Quickcard can automatically embed the logo of the company you are selling to by simply entering the url. You can then address your document to your specific contact. You can coordinate colors, experiment with overlays, and add pictures that reflect the industry you are selling to.

"People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections” (4.3) - Michael Scott

Humans are not machines, and personal connections have actually never been more important in the age of constant media bombardment. As you focus on building a personal connection during your sales calls and meetings, it is also crucial that you convey the information that is necessary to complete the sale. For most deals, your initial contact won’t be the only one making the decision whether to purchase your product. You need to make your initial contact your champion. A personal connection will absolutely help make this person fight for you and your product.

Make a Human Connection with Proper Messaging

Nevertheless, your contact isn’t trained in pitching your product to their superiors. Quickcard lets you focus on building the human connection without worrying that your prospect isn’t retaining the information necessary to make a sale internally. With Quickcard, you can control your messaging across all levels of the sales process.

“Sales is like a box of chocolates, you never know which vendor you’re going to get” (5.15) - Michael Scott

In Season 5, with a Forest Gump voice, Michael says this quote, giving some great advice regarding the need for flexibility and a targeted approach. Sometimes, sales can be uncertain. Quickcard helps bring some certainty to the process by arming you with all the knowledge necessary to create a plan of attack. Customizations with the click of a button can help you get tailored collateral to your prospects fast.

Quickcard’s real time document analytics let you see exactly who has viewed your materials, and for how long. If you know that the prospect you’re about to try to close with spent a lot of time viewing your video displaying a specific feature, you can focus on that feature’s importance during your next interaction. With advanced analytics, your plan can be flexible and targeted at the same time. No matter which chocolate you get, Quickcard’s analytics and customization allows you to be ready to close any deal.

While The Office may not be known for its quality sales advice, its clear that there is plenty to be found. Let's capitalize on Michael, Dwight, and Robert's brilliant guidance and use their tips to close sales and create value for each and every one of our customers.