Next up with Quickcard's interview series is Rankz, a company that helps users create content, maximize distribution, and drive measurable SEO results. Read on to hear from Manu Karthik, the Chief Marketing Officer at Rankz.

Hi Mani, please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us more about Rankz in a sentence.

Rankz helps users step up their SEO game, by letting them amplify their content with targeted distribution, reach, and mentions.

What makes Rankz different from its competitors?

Rankz is a unique full-scope solution in the SEO world that enables keyword discoverability, tracking, and monitoring, as well as content amplification. All from one place.

What has been your approach at evaluating sales tools at Rankz?

Our focus has been to streamline the whole sales and marketing funnel whilst prioritizing an uber-diligent ROI-first approach.

What has been the biggest barrier to successful sales tool adoption, overall?

Primarily streamlining channels and attribution issues.

How much of your customer acquisition efforts rely on content marketing? How do you maximize its impact and lifetime value?(reach, taxonomy, conversions, seo)

In regards to customer acquisition, virtually all of our organic efforts rely on content marketing. The secret is to focus on outputting high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

Do you personalize your sales content per prospect, and if so, how?

For the most part, we don’t.

How has COVID-19 impacted your sales and marketing operations and how have you adapted?

The accelerated adoption of ecom technology by brick and mortars due to COVID-19 has actually has been great for us. More companies are now online and looking for SEO solutions.

What are some of the key sales tasks and workflows that you have fully automated? How was your sales productivity affected by this?

Streamlining onboarding sessions and webinars has been key to unlocking a higher level of sales productivity for us.

What are some of the biggest bottlenecks you faced when trying to scale sales enablement campaigns? How did you overcome them?

Tool adoption. It usually just takes time and unwavering persistence.

What are some uniquely creative ways you might have used in the past to overcome objections or to close an important deal?

Not the most creative one, but we always aim to customize the pitch based on context and history.

Can you share a sales growth hack or a tactic that you've been recently excited about?

Still to this day, nothing beats sending a box of doughnuts with a handwritten note to your prospects’ office.

What is next for Rankz?

We’re working on adding new features to Rankz to help users create SEO-optimized content and track SEO campaigns.