Continuing Quickcard's interview series with leaders of top sales tool companies is Aquibur Rahman, the CEO of Mailmodo. Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution which enables users to create and send app-like interactive emails to improve email conversions. Read on to learn more about Mailmodo and how their sales tools can change the email game.

Hi Aquib, please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us more about Mailmodo in a sentence.

Hello, I am Aquibur Rahman, Founder and CEO of Mailmodo. I have worked as a marketer at various startups for 6 years before starting Mailmodo. My experience in marketing helped to lay the foundation for Mailmodo.

Mailmodo is an email marketing software that enables marketers to send app-like interactive emails designed to improve email conversions, increase engagement and help businesses grow.

What makes Mailmodo different from its competitors?

We had a unique opportunity to change the email marketing landscape with AMP emails. We’re one of the few ESPs that support AMP for Email and definitely the only one that is a marketer-friendly no-code platform. We’ve already integrated the major functionalities needed on the email marketing spectrum to become a comprehensive tool.

What has been your approach at evaluating sales tools at Mailmodo?

The goal for our sales tool was to be able to track the progression of a visitor through our marketing and sales funnels so as to make outreach and messaging effective for conversions. Accordingly, the following were our criteria.

  • The tool/software should integrate with our marketing analytics, customer success/ticketing tools for an easy flow of data
  • Non-duplicity of customers/visitors is an important feature to avoid data redundancy
  • Should help us segment the users on the basis of lead status, sales manager assigned, demography, etc., basically being able to track and identify our leads.
  • The cost to benefit of the tool must not be high

What has been the biggest barrier to successful sales tool adoption, overall?

Bringing all the stakeholders, marketing, sales and customer success functions, together on a single tool that serves all their goals is the biggest challenge for adopting a sales tool.

Migrating existing data when adopting a new sales tool or moving to a new one often becomes a challenge too.

How much of your customer acquisition efforts rely on content marketing? How do you maximize its impact and lifetime value?(amplification, CRO, SEO, etc.) ?

We launched Mailmodo with a strong and unique offering so most of our growth is product-led. Content marketing is central to our customer acquisition efforts - organic SEO growth for long-term strategy and social media, podcasts, and community engagement for immediate reach. We also knew we had to reach our early customers a lot sooner, referrals from early adopters were the key to initial growth.

We have two main categories of creating content: to make it informative/valuable and engaging. While the intersection is great, we want marketers to learn and have some actionable takeaways from our informative content so we keep it factual and unbiased, whereas with engaging content we share our ideas, opinions, and thoughts to learn from each other.

Do you personalize your sales content per prospect, and if so, how?

Once we explain to our prospects what our product is and does, we focus on solving their particular pain point and situation. We have tailor-made problem-solution demos for each customer after extensive research of the account.

This is where use cases come in too, we explain to them how our product can benefit their particular use case and the impact they can expect from Mailmodo.

How has COVID-19 impacted your sales and marketing operations and how have you adapted?

We launched the public version of Mailmodo in January 2021 during the pandemic so most of our processes and workflows have been built for remote work, circling around communication, visibility and transparency.

Prospects have warmed up to the idea of virtual demos and deal closes so we didn't see a major impact on sales and marketing either.

What are some of the key sales tasks and workflows that you have fully automated? How was you sales productivity affected by this?

Lead generation and nurture through well-defined email sequences and informative and helpful post-signup follow-ups led us to close more deals without manual intervention or untimely follow-ups.

What are some of the biggest bottlenecks you faced when trying to scale sales enablement campaigns? How did you overcome them?

AMP email is relatively new to the email marketing space and educating our prospects about it has been a bottleneck for product adoption and scaling sales.

As a sales team, which is in the process of scaling up processes, collaborating with design, product and marketing teams is a bottleneck for fleshing out collaterals and sales enablement content and adopting them in the outreach process takes some refinement and time.

What are some uniquely creative ways you might have used in the past to overcome objections or to close an important deal?

Our offering is unique and opens up a lot of possibilities to accelerate lead generation and conversion through creative messaging. We leverage that to 'wow' our prospects. We recreate clients' important emails and show them to clients as AMP emails in action.

We show how our product can fit like a glove to their businesses’ needs while transforming emails for them.

Our lead nurture and customer support workflows are also along those lines.

Can you share a sales growth hack or a tactic that you've been recently excited about?

Widgets inside outreach emails is one hack we’ve been excited about! We use Calendly integrations to book meetings from within emails. It gives us an opportunity to showcase how AMP emails will increase conversions and revenue for our clients. We enjoy our share of podcast creation and video channels too.

What is next for Mailmodo?

We crossed 100k ARR in the first five months of our launch. We have been backed by two of the world's top VCs - Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator. Having said that, we still have a long way to go. We aim to onboard 5000 customers in 2021 and reach a 1 Million ARR figure.

We’re looking at rapid vertical growth, adding features and integrations to support different industries and use cases. Our mission is to create brand awareness and develop a very strong email marketing suite with a focus on interactivity inside emails.