In B2B industries in particular, the need for personalized content has increased as new technology has allowed for greater control. One innovative tool that more and more companies are using is dynamic landing pages.

Custom landing pages have become a great tool for companies to provide prospects with extremely specific and targeted information about their product or solution. Landing pages assist companies by attracting and maintaining the attention of customers in specific industries. If your company isn’t using custom landing pages yet, you could be missing out on a great way to provide even more useful information to your prospects.  Read on to learn more about personalized landing pages

What is a Personalized Landing Page?

Basically, a personalized landing page is a web page that is built for a specific type of prospect or even an individual prospect. While a website’s homepage is more general and appeals to a wider audience, landing pages can be more specific. Like its name insinuates, landing pages provide a spot for prospects to land on your website.

A benefit of landing pages is that they are harder to find without the specific link. Because of this, don’t be afraid of getting extremely specific towards your targeted customer or industry. Depending on your resources, landing pages can be built for any scale of customers. Landing pages allow you to transmit extremely relevant information to each prospect. Studies show that the more personal the material you disseminate to prospects, the more likely they will be to pay attention. One media company found that “63% of consumers say they would think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting or relevant.” People are more likely to care about information that involves them, and a personalized experience feels far more relevant than a generic webpage.

What to Include for the Best Results

It can be hard to know what to include in a targeted landing page. While outlines for sales decks, white papers, and one-pagers are common, personalized landing pages are a newer phenomenon. Most importantly, you must remember to keep the prospect in mind when designing your perfect landing page.

In every piece of sales collateral, companies struggle to find a balance between being flashy, being informative, and providing something that prospects want to read. Personalized landing pages are no different. Three important items to include that accomplish these goals are tailored headings, content that appeals to customers’ needs, and calls to action that speak to their pain points.

Tailored Headings

Tailored headings are a must for unique landing pages. The reality of our technology filled world is that most people don’t really read all the information on web pages. In order to get and keep their attention, you must have catchy headings to keep people reading.

Many studies have been done which show how people take in information they read online. The Nielsen Norman Group found that 79% of readers scanned webpages vs. only 16% who read web pages word for word. Some studies have even gone into extreme detail, and have measured how users interact with the web page. Shockingly, the study found that many visitors to websites do not even scroll through, and the vast majority of visitors only read around 50% of a site’s content.

Tailored headings catch your reader's attention, and also provide your most important points in an easily readable format. Your prospects obviously are interested in your product, but like the people in these studies, they are busy too. Tailored headings provide an eye-catching spot to get and keep your prospect’s attention.

Content That Appeals to Customers’ Needs

As we have discussed so many times before, collateral that points to the unique needs of each customer is crucial. The reason prospects are considering your product is because they believe your product can provide them value. Your job is to show them how your product will become their solution. Custom landing pages are the perfect tool for this job because you can address the exact needs of each prospective company.

Regardless of how niche your prospect’s problems are, personalized landing pages allow you to show them how your product can address each individual need. Customers want to feel taken care of, and these landing pages can show prospects you are there for them.

CTAs That Speak to Their Pain Points

CTAs or Call To Actions are critical for any of your marketing materials, and landing pages are no different. One report on the effectiveness of calls to action in email marketing found that click rates increased 371% after including a CTA and resulting sales increased a whopping 1617%.

People respond well to requests and your landing pages can be a great place to try out custom calls to action. Don’t be afraid to ask your prospects to schedule a demo, ask follow up questions, or more. The longer you interact with a prospect and develop a relationship, the more likely that prospect is to become a customer.

Designing a Page to Convert Potential Customers

When designing custom landing pages, it is important that you keep your ultimate goal in mind: converting prospects into customers. Call to actions remember this goal, but there are also other ways to make sure you are accomplishing something for your company with your personalized landing pages.

Consider the User Experience

Nobody likes reading anything that is boring. If reading this blog felt like reading a college history textbook, you probably would have moved on to Instagram, your email, or anything else by now.

While this means providing interesting and relevant content, it also means providing a page design which peaks the interest of your prospect. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes as you design your webpage. People can tell when a project is rushed, and people can tell when your full time and resources were not applied to their landing page. It is worth your time and money to make sure the design of your landing page will demonstrate the quality and value proposition of your product, rather than detracting from the overall experience.

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