It sometimes seems impossible to know exactly what your prospect is thinking. After sending a piece of collateral, you often wonder whether they are actually taking a look at it, whether they are picking up the most important pieces of information, and whether they seem genuinely interested.

In the end, knowing what your prospect is thinking would make selling a whole lot easier. If you knew exactly what features were peaking their interest, you could focus on them in depth during your next call or meeting. If you knew that the prospect hadn’t looked at a piece of collateral yet, you could remind them at the right moment without coming across as too aggressive. Ultimately, the more you know about a prospect’s state of mind, the better.

While in the absence of an ability to read minds, knowing exactly what a prospect is thinking may be impossible, with superior document tracking, the days of wondering are coming to an end. Read on to learn how you can upgrade your sales team with document tracking and analytics.

Benefits of Sales Collateral Tracking Systems

Sales collateral tracking systems allow you to get in the minds of your prospects in meaningful ways. Engagement data that provides insights into the feelings of your prospect can help you craft the perfect strategy to close sales, more quickly and efficiently.

For those who are unsure of how collateral tracking can benefit your company, it is crucial that you continue reading to learn about the many benefits of sales collateral tracking systems like finding decision makers, tailoring your messaging, identifying winning sales strategies, and streamlining your workflows.

1. Track Opens, Views, & Shares to Find the Decision Makers Behind Your Champion

Many sales teams run into the so called, champion problem, as they communicate with their prospect. Often, their contact is not the person who has the final say over purchasing decisions. While you are trained in the art of pitching your product, your prospect, even an engaged prospect, is not as skilled at pitching your product to his or her superiors. Solutions have been created to solve this problem and one way they do so is by using analytics to track who has interacted with your collateral.

Data tracking helps your company address the champion problem by being able to see who has viewed your materials and for how long. With the ability to track opens, views, and shares, you will know exactly who has viewed your document, and whether the decision makers have had a chance to view your collateral. With this information, you will be able to come up with strategic next steps. Knowing who your champion has shared your collateral with can inform your strategy. If the decision makers haven’t viewed your materials, you may need to assist your champion in passing the message up their chain of command.

2. Tailor Your Messaging to the Right Viewers

Sales tracking systems also allow you to tailor your messaging to the right viewers. Detailed analytics show you just which aspects of your collateral are catching the attention of your prospects. By knowing what is peaking your prospect’s interest, you can tailor future collateral to their needs and desires. The more specific you can make your collateral, the better.

There are many ways detailed analytics can help you understand a prospect’s desires. If a video on one feature that you highlight in your collateral has been watched many times, it makes it clear that that feature is one your prospect is extremely interested in. Or, you can see what text your prospect read in detail by tracking page scrolls, and get a glimpse into what features are a high priority for them

Similarly, analytics can also show you where you may need to explain further. If a video was paused and rewound multiple times, it may indicate something about it was confusing. By implementing document tracking, you gain these insights which will better equip you to take informed next steps.

3. Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses with Reliable Analytics

As your sales team grows, it becomes more important to know what strategies are working. Advanced analytics give insight into what types of collateral and what messaging is getting across to your prospects and actually delivering results. For every business, but especially for startups and small businesses, expanding the impact and efficiency of every dollar is crucial. Analytics can help you understand where you can get the most bang for your buck.

As you work with your sales team to adopt a winning sales methodology, or even make your own, advanced analytics can help show you which methodologies are working. Obviously, every customer is not the same, and document tracking and analytics can also help you understand the nuances of each potential customer and industry.

4. Streamline Your Workflow

Document tracking and analytics also allows you to simplify your pitch and cut out items that aren’t generating interest. If a certain type of collateral or messaging isn’t producing results, it is important you prune that strategy and try something new. By having the ability to rid your collateral of inefficient materials, you can expand on the pieces that are actually working.

While you should be careful not to jump ship too early, being aware of what decks, demos, and one-pagers are catching your prospect’s attention is important. Advanced analytics provider a neutral arbiter that can help you make decisions in the best interest of your business.

Upgrade Your Sales Process with Insights from Quickcard

Quickcard is a solution that provides analytics and insights about all of your collateral. When you send a “Quickcard,” you get access to a new world of advanced analytics. Quickcard takes the questions out of what your prospects are thinking. For each piece of your collateral, you can see every important interaction. Quickcard gives you access to page scrolls, sharing data, video interactions, downloads, opens, and so much more. Quickcard even gives you scores on your collateral so you can measure what is truly working.

Quickcard is the future of sales documents, and their analytics can take your business to the next level. Click here to schedule a demo to learn more about Quickcard, their analytics and insights, and all of their other features.