As your sales team members prepare to do the work necessary to acquire new customers, it is important that they load their arsenal with weapons that have a proven track record. One such document, the “one-pager” is an essential piece of content for every sales team to produce. Time is extremely valuable, and having a document that covers the most important aspects of your business that is easily accessible is crucial.

While the idea of a one-pager is simple, basically just a one-page document summing up your business and the benefits you will provide, there is certain content that is necessary to include. Your sell sheet is an important asset in your fight to land sales. Below is a list of 5 necessary items to address in every sales one-pager that will help your prospective customers gain value and necessary knowledge about your company and product, making it easier for them to close on a sale.

1. Mention company information (name, logo, social media, website, phone number, email)

As simple as it sounds, this information may be the most important for your document. By nature, space is limited on a single page. You need to provide your prospective clients with the ability to do their own further research and follow up if needed. By including contact information and branding, your one-pager can act as an advertisement as well as an information source, and can also direct prospects to take the next actionable step towards closing a deal. Graphic designs can be extremely helpful getting this information across in a digestible way.

I can’t imagine a worse scenario than losing a sale because a customer who wanted to find out more, gave up because you made it too difficult for him. In today’s fast paced world, people might not have time to do the work on their own. Use your one-pager as a chance for a good first impression. Show the potential client that your company is responsive, energetic, and ready to take on the challenge of a new client.

2. Provide a statement that explains the problem, and your solution

Too many times I go onto websites and am bombarded by mission statements and company values that are all great, but don’t tell me a thing about what the company does. On your one-pager, make it clear what the problem is that your company is solving. If you are a plumbing company, demonstrate your expertise and what your company has to offer. If you are a software company, explain how your technology streamlines processes that currently take up valuable time. Optimizee your limited space with the most important information.

Don’t only talk about what problem you are solving, talk about why you're solving it. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and explain how your product or service will improve their overall functioning of their business. If you can concisely address your potential customer's pain points, they will provide the necessary statistics that show the problem you’re working with exists, and desperately needs a solution.

3. List competitors and how your company is better

Fierce competition plagues many industries, but if you’re clever, you can utilize this competition to your advantage. Your one-pager should include information about how your product is the best in the industry. The reality is that it is unlikely you are the only business trying to solve this specific problem. If you are, you are either extremely unique, or your problem is probably too niche to be sustainable. What’s likely is that your product has innovated on top of existing solutions, and you should be ready to explain why your product is the one these businesses should choose.

Maybe, you can take on a household name in the industry, and explain how your features are better, prices are lower, or software easier to integrate. By comparing your company to others that are similar, you can set yourself apart, and convince prospective clients that your solution is the only one worth their investment.

4. Overview of your product features and how they will help client

Your one-pager is a great place to explore the features that make your product standout. However, it’s important that you don’t fall into the trap of highlighting the minutiae of your product. Instead of pigeon-wholing your product into only a few features, use your one-pager to describe the results that your product will help them achieve.

Still, it is important to highlight some of the most innovative features your product has to offer. Modern technology is allowing for even quicker customization, and individual features that are tailored to a specific customer are great. Just be careful about highlighting one feature for your whole list of prospects.

5. Show off accomplishments and reviews

Your one-pager is not the place to be humble. You should want your readers impressed by the solutions you have provided for your customers. Back up your claims with relevant statistics and data that proves your solution works. Your sales sheet should focus on your target audience and display accomplishments that relate to your specific prospect.

You should also take the opportunity to use your customers to your advantage. If you have some big name companies that you work with, use their names to give your product credibility. How has your product or service helped other companies? How has it caused big changes for other organizations? Including a quote from a satisfied customer could be a great use of your limited space.

If you’re a new business and don’t have big name customers to show off, don’t worry. Still include the customers you do have, and try and show your prospects that other people trust your business. Nobody likes being sold to, but if they know other people have already trusted their business with your products, they’ll be more likely to come aboard.

Empower Your Champions with Stellar Materials

Company one-pagers are essential for every business to produce. As we have mentioned before, customized sales collateral is what closes deals and makes sales. Including these 5 elements in your one-pager is the best way to leave your prospective clients well informed and ready to take the next steps.