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Interactive offers & sales decks dynamically linked with

Quickcard is an offers & sales collateral platform, built for companies that are Figma power users.

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Some use cases of Quickcard listed below: 

Send your offers and sales collateral in a personalized way via a personalized link.

Many Docs, One Link
Share pitch decks, one pagers and offers.
Push Updates to Link
Need to share more? Make a change? No problem.
Three Viewing Modes
Browse materials in compact, theatre, and full-screen sizes.
Q&A Build-In
Your prospects can ask questions directly on UI.

Integrated with

Make design changes in your Figma file and push those updates to Quickcard with the click of a button.

One Source of Truth
Keep your sales deck designs in Figma with everything else.
Manage Collections
Have various options for sell points? Quickcard will auto-import them.
Everyone’s Happy
Quickcard works for salespeople, marketers, designers, and founders.

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Add incredible layers to your sales deck.

Hover over each to discover more.
Add Personalization
In just seconds, add customer logos, tailored copy, and personalized story-telling for each prospect.
Add Sandbox Demos
Embed a sandboxed application in your deck so that the recipient can seamlessly interact with your platform.
Add Annotations
Add text or audio annotations to your decks to provide additional information without flooding the user with content all at once.
Add Videos
Embed videos or animations in your deck to captivate your customers. .

Get insights to whether your customers LOVE or HATE your sales collateral (or just think it’s ... MEH).

Track Opens
Track opens and group opens from the same user.
Slide Breakdowns
Discover what users are spending the most time on.
Timeline View
Discover event by event what users are doing on Quickcard.
Video Engagement
Track plays and pauses on video content.
Heat Scores
Get a summarized metric of total engagement.

Are you great at selling, but suck at designing? Don’t worry—it’s a condition that effects 89.3% of Americans**.
Meet the Quickcard Concierge Team, a ninja group that’ll get your collateral looking spick-span in days.

Book a Design 'Sesh, first one free!
Design Upgrades
We’ll touch-up your slides that harness the full platform.
Built for Growth
We’ll make it easy to improve your deck for the long-term.
Better Funnel Splitting
We’ll help you augment your deck for various personas.
We’ll work with your sellers to improve their pitching.
**we totally made up this number, but it’s more or less accurate.

It’s 2022. Integrate Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and Navattic cleanly with Quickcard.

auto-match Quickcard links with your SF opportunities.
auto-match Quickcard links with Hubspot entries.
auto-match Quickcard links with Outreach entries.
auto-match Quickcard links with your SF opportunities.

Join the Quickcard family today and turn your sales collateral into a selling machine.

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Create sales decks that aren’t

Personalize content
Embed sandboxed demos
Insert videos
Incorporate gifs
Add annotations
Get engagement data
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