Made for companies of all sizes

Don't Oversell

Prospects care about just a portion of your product. Don’t dilute their attention.

Listen, then Magic.

First, learn about the prospect’s needs. Then, auto-magically generate sales assets that focuses on them.

Quickcard is a document platform designed for sales.

Branded Experience

Send materials in a UI that matches your company’s brand. Learn more.

Adaptive Documents

Every prospect is unique. Tailor your materials to reflect that. Learn more.

Track Interactions

Discover if your sales materials are actually working or not. Learn more.

Sales are lost internally.

Your point of contact isn’t making this decision alone. Sales fall apart when your pitch is botched internally.

Command the messaging with adaptive sales decks.

Quickcard is the only platform designed to integrate prospect learnings into your sales materials without friction. Learn More.

Highlight Favorite Features

Make them feel that you are a cookie-cutter fit.

Inject Prospect’s Variables

Inject in name, industry, company size, etc.

Incorporate Discovery Questions

Connect the dots between their answers and your pitch.

Send, tailor, and analyze all of your sales collateral content


Sales pitch decks that speak to customers.

One Pagers

Summarize your learnings simple & easy.

Demo Videos

Share videos alongside your documents.

Build a branded viewing experience made for you.

Quickcard empowers businesses to create a document frontend that matches their business needs. Learn more.

Choose Your Colors

Tailor both the background and text color of the viewing UI to match your brand.


Upload a full and square logo to display on the sidebar and link previews on messaging apps.


Choose the right icon for each document to promote document opens.

Start with any ordinary PDF,
and add powerful overlays.

Most teams are sending materials with Quickcard within 5 minutes of signing up. Improve materials iteratively.

Upload PDF’s or Set of Images

We will automatically bundle a PDF for you from a set of images or you can upload a PDF directly.

Embed GIFs to Make Slides Pop

Have a looping visual demo of the product in action or humorous content to engage the prospect.

E-Sign Out of the Box (Beta)

Invite people to digitally and legally sign documents in seconds, automatically date-stamped.

Learn what is and isn’t working in your materials.

No more black holes - discover how your sales materials are being engaged so you can better them. Learn more.

Track Unique Viewership

Share presentations and track which slides were popular.

Per Slide Breakdown

Learn which pages or slides attracted the most attention and readership.

Learn What’s Gone Stale

Which materials aren’t actively being used anymore.

Watch Team Usage

For larger teams, track which AE’s and SDR’s are gaining the most value.

View Timelines

See a timeline of engagement events like clicks or watches for every open.

Insightful Reports

Learn which documents or personalizations aren’t performing.

Embed and Track FAQ’s

Embed a FAQ page and track what is being queried.

Heat Scores

Rank links by their composite heat score that combines everything.

Answer questions from anyone who has access to the link.

Often, the person you chat with isn’t the final or only decision maker. Welcome questions and answer them from your email.

Viewers can Ask on Sidebar

By clicking on a button on the sidebar or righthand corner, a simple user interface appears for asking a question.

Answer Questions from Your Email

Every question gets sent to your email with the viewer’s email address cc’d on. Simply reply and continue the sales conversation.

Embed FAQ for Common Queries

Add common questions to an embedded FAQ library that’s available to viewers, and get data on what questions are queried.

Kick your sales collateral up a notch with Quickcard.

Book a demo to discover how you can excel with Quickcard.